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The Globe and Mail reports that some of the government’s cybersecurity plans are based on the premise that a new cyberattack will cause data breaches and a public outcry.

The report comes as Canada is preparing to release the government plan for the federal budget next week.

According to the report, there are three main components of the cybersecurity strategy, the most important being the creation of a “National Security Strategy” that is expected to include recommendations for how to prevent the next national security breach.

The strategy will include recommendations to “strengthen the nation’s defence posture and capabilities,” “promote the adoption of cybersecurity technologies, and build an information technology system capable of handling cyberthreats.”

The report says that “the National Security Strategy will also provide a framework for the government to coordinate responses to emerging threats and risks in Canada.”

The government also plans to release a series of reports that “will provide Canadians with information on the activities of the Department of National Defence (DND) and its contractors, as well as on the status of our cyber infrastructure and the challenges that they face.”

“In short, the government has identified the three components of its cyber strategy that will shape the next government’s approach to cybersecurity,” the report said.

“The strategy’s release will help shape the public’s response to a cyberattack that could potentially cause catastrophic damage.”

Canada is set to release its first annual cybersecurity plan in March, the same month as the budget.