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TIGER RESEARCHING, a company which provides leak detection technology to oil and gas companies, has been selling a portable device to some of the world’s biggest companies, and has received some criticism from critics. 

In its most recent quarterly results, TIGERS Research showed that the leak detector, which is sold in the US and Canada, was being used by the oil and mining companies to identify leaks in some of their pipelines, including the leak detection system that TIGers claims is the world wide best. 

TIGERS has also been accused of being a conduit for the leaking of the information, and that it was the subject of several media reports. 

On Tuesday, Reuters reported that Tigers latest leak detection test was being tested by some of North America’s largest oil and natural gas companies and that a leak detector had been found in the device. 

“It was one of the first devices that we tested, and it’s been tested a number of times by other companies,” TIGRES chief technology officer Kevin McManus told Reuters. 

Reuters said the company’s test results showed that “the leak detector was capable of detecting about a one-in-three chance of a leak”. 

“The company’s claims of being the world leading leak detector are also disputed by others,” the report said. 

McManus said that Tigs test results were based on its internal testing and “does not necessarily reflect the results of external testing”.

“The data is based on a sample of the TIGer device and the company has provided us with more than 100 samples of the device, which we are testing,” he said.

“The information is based purely on the device itself and not on any external tests.”

The company also said that it had been working with the Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency to ensure the safety of its test, which has been published on the company website.

“We are working with federal agencies to ensure that our devices comply with all applicable laws and regulations and are subject to rigorous testing and validation,” the company said.TIGER said that while the test was not intended for oil and coal companies, the company is working with other industry partners and is looking to improve the technology.

“It’s not a one size fits all solution,” the firm said.

“We want to make sure that our products are compliant with the laws, and we want to ensure we are not inadvertently providing inaccurate information.”

Reuters also quoted the Tigs chief technology and regulatory officer, Richard Smith, as saying that TIRES is not responsible for the leak detectors being sold to the oil industry.”TIGES is the only company to be selling this device in the U.S. and the only one to sell a portable leak detector to oil companies,” Smith said.

“The only company that is selling this is TIGERC.”TIGERC is the US-based company that operates the leak monitoring systems used by oil and energy companies, such as Enbridge Inc, Enbridge, ExxonMobil Corp, Marathon Petroleum Corp, and TransCanada Corp.

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