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I am not the only person who leaked police info and police footage from the scene of a shooting in Melbourne, another member of the NSW Police force is claiming.

The Herald Sun reported on Thursday that Detective Inspector Tony O’Donovan, the man charged with leaking the footage, is one of four officers who had been suspended by the department for the incident.

Police said they would not be releasing the names of the officers until their next court appearance in August, and have not responded to a request for comment.

O’Donnan was charged with three counts of making a false declaration in relation to the investigation, and two of making an offence relating to the disclosure of information, including the police footage.

His lawyer, Michael Fauci, said he would be seeking a fair trial in the Victorian Supreme Court.

“I’m really not aware of any charges being laid against the other three officers involved in this case,” Mr Faucom said.

A police source told the Herald Sun that Detective Superintendent Ian MacDonald, the other two officers who were suspended, had been on leave for two months, and Detective Superintendent Anthony Jones, the fourth officer charged, was still on leave.

Detective Inspector Tony A. O’Connor is pictured in court on August 17, 2017.

Photo: Supplied Detective Inspector Anthony Jones has been suspended from duty, the Herald said.

“I don’t want to say more at this stage, but the NSW police have suspended him from the force,” a police source said.

Detective Superintendent Tony O`Connor was charged in relation a shooting that occurred in February.

Photo : Facebook Detective Superintendent Tony A O’ Connor.

Photo via Facebook A spokesperson for NSW Police told News24 the allegations were “completely false”.

“The matter is being investigated thoroughly by the NSW Independent Police Conduct Authority,” they said.

Police did not return calls seeking comment on whether they would be releasing more information about the shooting.

A source said O’Dillon was charged over the disclosure.

He is also facing charges of making false declarations and perjury over the incident, the police source added.

The video is believed to show the shooting of 22-year-old Andrew Loy.

Loy, who is white, was shot dead at the front door of a home in Marrickville in Melbourne’s west on February 17.

On Friday, the NSW Crime Commission launched a formal inquiry into the shooting, which occurred on February 18.

Investigators have said they are looking into whether police followed proper procedures to secure the location of the shooting scene.

The Herald said Odonovan was suspended from the NSW force in March for failing to provide police with the required evidence before he was charged.

A spokesperson for the Victorian Police said they were aware of the allegations but could not comment.