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A vulnerability in the Firefox browser was discovered by security researchers that could allow attackers to access information about a user’s computer remotely by transmitting a “transmission leaking” test that may lead to sensitive information.

The vulnerability, which was first reported by security researcher Brian Krebs, allows an attacker to send a specially crafted web page to a targeted user and obtain the user’s browser information.

This information can be used to compromise the user.

Krebs said that the test could also be used by attackers to compromise a web server that hosts an encrypted session between a user and a website that the attacker can access.

“This test can be configured to send HTTP POST requests to any host on the internet to gather information about the user and the website, including cookies, passwords, and other sensitive information,” Krebs wrote.

It’s not clear how widespread the vulnerability is.

It’s also unclear whether Firefox is currently affected.

Firefox users who have already updated to Firefox 55 should still be able to continue to use the browser.

Firefox 55 will automatically install the latest security patches, as well as new features that improve security, Krebs said.

There’s no way to prevent the transmission of this test, and it can be exploited with any vulnerable browser.

However, it should be a good reminder to upgrade to a modern browser.

Security researchers warned users to be careful when they visit sites that contain sensitive information and to change passwords and cookies frequently.

“Make sure your passwords, cookies, and any other sensitive data you use are kept up-to-date.

Make sure you use a strong password,” security researcher Samir Al-Amin said in a blog post.

In addition, Firefox users should be careful about visiting websites that contain links to external services or that use a Flash plugin, as this may enable remote attackers.

Read more about Firefox and security in Computerworld.

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