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Citing “an ongoing and serious issue,” the American Society of Civil Engineers has issued an advisory that states that there are “no readily available estimates” of how many AC power outages are occurring.

ICLoud, which is the official digital audio player of Major League Baseball, has experienced numerous outages, including one during last season’s World Series.

The AC poweroutages also caused havoc in the homes of some celebrities including Justin Timberlake, who was reportedly forced to cancel a visit to a Los Angeles park due to power outage issues.

With the advent of new technology, such as the internet, fans can now tune into their local team’s broadcasts via an app on their phone.

As the internet becomes more accessible, there’s more pressure to stay connected, especially if you’re a fan who can’t stay up to date on local sports events.

But what if you have no internet access at all?

Here are some of the other issues affecting sports fans across the US today: The New York Knicks, who are playing tonight, are facing their own AC power issues after a series of outages and outages in recent years.

In 2014, AC power shut down part of the Knicks’ home arena in New York.

And in 2016, AC issues were brought to light for the New York Rangers, who were unable to get all of their players back to their locker rooms for the first three games of the 2016-17 season due to outages.

These outages have continued for many of the major sports teams.

Last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers were forced to shut down the locker room for the final two games of their playoff series against the Washington Wizards because of an AC issue.

Despite the AC powerouts, there is a chance the NBA could get back to playing this season without a significant number of players due to the lockout.

This is the third straight year that the NBA has faced AC issues.

Last season, the league experienced its second-straight winter lockout and a power outage during the 2016 All-Star break resulted in the Cavaliers not playing in the first round of the playoffs.

Since the start of the 2014-15 season, there have been five power outAGES for the NBA, according to the NBA’s official website.

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