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The leak detector on Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max is a little too much to overcome, a leak detector expert told The Wall St. Journal on Friday.

Apple announced that the water-resistant iPhone XR would come with a water-repellent coating, and Apple is still using the leak detector to detect leaks in its devices, according to the report.

However, the water detector won “lose some of its effectiveness,” the leak-detecting expert said, adding that “it’s still going to be a very powerful leak detector.”

Apple is using the same leak detector it used for the iPhone Xs and XR to detect water leaks on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

A new leak detector isn’t needed for Apple’s latest phones, the leak detectors are able to detect the water coming out of the phones’ cameras and microphones and the water is then detected by the water sensors in the devices, The Wall Journal reported.

“The problem with the water sensor is that it’s a very sensitive sensor,” the source said.

“You can’t get a good idea if it’s leaking if you don’t have that information.”

Apple says the leak detection isn’t as good as it once was because of the new sensor.

The new leak detectors can only detect water at the point where the sensor is inside a phone.

Apple said it will now have an upgrade to the water detection on the leak sensors to give the sensors better visibility into water.

“It is a great feature that will make it much easier for the user to identify leaks on devices, and we are working to deliver it,” Apple said in a statement.

Apple is also using an “internal sensor,” which is not a leak sensor, to track water leaks.

Apple says that it will use the new leak detection to “provide greater clarity to customers about water-related issues.”

The leak detection on Apple devices isn’t the only leak detection that’s been compromised.

Google has also lost its leak detector.

Google said it has been able to recover data from the Android phones of two of its engineers.

“We have been able recover data on some of the Android devices that we identified as leaking in the past,” the Google security team wrote in a blog post on Friday, The Verge reported.

Google is using its leak detection capabilities to help Google’s Pixel phones and Pixel 2 smartphones recover from the leaks.

“To help ensure the long-term reliability of the device, Google is also working with hardware manufacturers to improve the leak detecting capabilities,” the blog post said.

Google will also be testing out a new leak-fighting algorithm on its Pixel phones, and it has “made significant progress” to ensure that the leak prevention algorithm is working correctly, Google said in the post.

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