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A few days ago, Google confirmed the existence of a new firmware for its Android smartphones that it’s been quietly working on since late 2014.

The firmware update, which has been available for a few weeks now, comes with a handful of new features, including a new lock screen widget, new emoji support, and a new Android N preview for developers.

The latest Android N leak is not an official update, but it does have a few notable changes.

The new feature is a notification that pops up when a notification is displayed on the lock screen, which appears when you’re in a notification center or when you press the home button.

You can also use this notification to turn on and off the lock bar, and you can turn the lock icon to change to another notification.

If you use a screen lock, the notification will not show until you open a new notification app.

The update also includes an option to enable/disable lock bars and a notification when you lock the phone, a feature that will allow you to keep the lockbar turned off without affecting the other notifications that come up on the Lock screen.

While the notification system is similar to what we’ve seen with the lockscreen widgets, it is also more of a notification launcher than a lock screen.

The notification system uses an overlay that looks like a lock bar icon, but instead of a regular notification, it looks like an image with the word “LOCK” in it.

This lets you see the status of notifications while you’re using the lock and unlock options, which are shown in a new toggle button.

The widget also uses a new icon, a square shape, and the word LOCK in a different font.

The system also includes a new option to turn off notification notifications, which is the default setting.

If the notification app is already turned on, the system will now turn it off instead of allowing it to continue to display notifications.

This allows for a much simpler notification setup that works well with the lock settings, as you can just turn notifications off.

There’s also a new “Lock” icon in the notification center, which you can tap to open it.

The Notification Center also supports custom icon themes, as well as the option to hide the lock icons, which can be useful for people who are not using lock screen widgets.

The Lock Screen widget has also been updated to support notifications from apps like Twitter and Facebook.

These apps will show up in the Notification Center when you tap on the notification bar, so you can see whether or not they’re receiving your notification.

This is something that you’ll see on the locks screen, too.

You’ll also be able to change the color of the notification bars, but this only works if you’re also using the Lock Screen widgets.

In the Android N update, Google also added support for third-party applications that you might want to try out.

You may notice the new Lock icon in Notification Center is now white instead of blue, as Google has made a lot of changes to how the locks app works.

It’s now a more modern design, as there’s more attention to the app’s UI.

Google also included an option for third party apps to use the Notification Bar to show notifications.

In this case, you’ll get a notification with the message “This app is not authorized to show these notifications” if you open an app that has this permission.

If your app uses the notification icons as well, it will show the notification on the Notification bar instead.

The updated Notification Center widget also has an option that allows you to hide notification icons from the Lock icon.

This option is still only available for third parties, but you can use it to hide icons that you don’t want to show up on your Lock screen widget.

Google has also updated the Lock Bar widget to include an option where you can enable or disable the notification notifications that are displayed when you are in the lock mode.

The lock icon will no longer display when you have notifications open in the Lock menu, which means you can no longer hide notifications in Notification Bar widgets.

This new notification icon will also hide any notifications that have been recently shown on the other widgets.

Google says this will help you save battery, as long as you’re not using the notification widgets for a while.

You will still be able tap the Lock button on the screen to turn the Lockbar on and turn off the notification icon, so long as the Lock is turned on and the notification widget is not showing.

This update also brings back the Notification Hub, which will allow the Lock bar to appear as a menu instead of just being displayed as a notification.

Google announced that this new notification hub will be available for all Android devices starting January 1, 2018, but the exact date has yet to be announced.

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