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This article first appeared on The Wall St. Journal.

Microsoft has long been known for being one of the most leak-friendly companies in the world.

But that may be changing with a new leak-resistant model that’s set to hit the market this fall. 

The leak-proof Windows 7 machines are going to be available in the US and Canada starting next month, and they will come with a battery life rating of up to 20 hours, according to The Wall Streets Journal.

This is not a new system, but Microsoft has been quietly making them available for quite some time. 

A new leak resistant model, the new leak detection, is expected to hit market next month The system uses a custom chipset that uses a modified version of Windows 7’s Power Efficiency Engine (PE) and can detect leaks as small as 10 nanometers.

Microsoft claims that this chip can detect up to 30 leaks per second.

Microsoft’s latest system can detect 30 leaks in one second and Microsoft says that it can detect even more leaks from within a second.

It says that its new leak resistance system is designed to detect leaks within 30 seconds and that the new system has been tested with more than 10 million PCs. 

“Our leak detection technology is the best available today, and we are proud of the new hardware we are launching to protect our customers and the world from this dangerous virus,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

“The new leak protection will be available at launch in the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Singapore, and the United States.

We also plan to launch it in other markets over the coming months.” 

Microsoft is now working on a new version of its system that will allow for a wider range of leaks, according the Wall Street J. Microsoft says it will launch a second system for leaks as soon as it has one that is as leak-free as the original. 

In its latest patent filing, Microsoft also claimed that its latest system has a “low latency” and that its system “has more than 50% performance improvements” compared to the previous leak detection system. 

Microsoft claims that the leak-fighting system “provides for higher efficiency in detecting and removing leaks, and also has more than 30% more performance improvements compared to its predecessor.”

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