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Leak Detection Santa Rosa CA

LOS ANGELES (AP) The city of Los Angeles is considering a bill that would require a citywide system to capture wastewater from any leak of a leaky water-disposal system.

Los Angeles has installed the new system to control water from city water and wastewater treatment plants, and now is testing a system that could catch up to 25,000 gallons (54,000 liters) of wastewater a day, said Kevin Gorman, director of the city’s water department.

It would be an expensive system, he said, but that won’t stop cities from adopting it.

It’s one of many steps Los Angeles will take as it tries to contain the citys largest groundwater pumping operation, the Los Angeles Aqueduct, Gorman said.

That project, which has drawn the ire of some residents, is estimated to be worth $30 billion.

Los Angels has installed its own leak-control system in the past, but Gorman says he’s confident it can do the job better.

Los Angles is already installing sensors in all the water distribution systems in the city, but it’s the first time they’ve been tested at the same time, he added.

That’s because Los Angeles has two water distribution lines.

The city would have to buy new sensors to monitor every leak, Gormer said.

It would also have to make sure that the city is installing them on every water distribution line in the system, because the leaks will be spread out over several lines.

Los Angelos water system also has an automatic water pump, but no sensors, so no one would know when they were coming into use.

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