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It’s official.

Smash Ultimate is out.

This is great news for those of you that were hoping the franchise would never be resurrected, and even better news for fans of Smash Bros. The sequel has been delayed until November, but we already know the trailer and its big reveal.

So here’s what you need to know about the upcoming smash-heavy sequel.


The Trailer The trailer for Smash Ultimate was released to fans last month, and it’s pretty impressive.

It features a number of new footage, including new stages, characters, bosses, and more.

We know that the new game is a little bit different than the original, but it’s still exciting to see what Nintendo has up its sleeve for the franchise.

It’s also worth noting that Smash Ultimate will have multiplayer, so the game will probably still be playable online, though that hasn’t been confirmed.

The trailer also features footage from the previous game, and the two games share a similar visual style.


Smash Bros.’

Story There’s no shortage of new details on Smash Bros., so here’s a quick summary of everything we know about Smash Ultimate so far.

Smash is back in the spotlight.

While the series has always been a smash-based series, the series is moving into a more “adventure-style” direction with this game.

This isn’t just a sequel to the franchise’s flagship series, though, and this game will be a sequel of sorts.

The story will be told from the perspective of the character that wins the tournament, and players will be able to explore the story through a variety of new experiences and gameplay mechanics.

The first Smash game was set in an alternate reality, but Smash Ultimate feels much more realistic and modern.

The game also feels more like a series that is already on the Nintendo Switch platform, with some of the game’s mechanics coming from that platform.


What to Expect The game will likely come out sometime in 2018, but Nintendo has yet to reveal any gameplay details.

Nintendo is still mum on how many characters players can expect to see, though we know that there will be multiple playable characters in Smash Ultimate.

This could mean that players will play as different characters, including a bunch of characters from the Wii U lineup, like Captain Falcon, Falco, and Pikachu.

The Smash team has also teased that there might be a “big reveal” when the game launches, so it’s not like it’s a secret that’s just waiting to be revealed.

The gameplay will likely be a lot like the first Smash, though.

Players will have to be on their toes, and they’ll need to work together to defeat bosses.


How to Play The Smash Ultimate trailer offers a number new gameplay mechanics, including different kinds of stages and bosses, but the gameplay is essentially the same as in the first game.

There are still a few things that have been tweaked to improve the experience, like the “new” ability for each character.

It sounds like the team is keeping the new power in mind, but players should expect to still find some familiar tricks and moves in the game.


What the New Characters Look Like Nintendo has been teasing a variety, though they’re probably going to stick with just two or three characters in the new title.

The original game had three playable characters, and each one had their own abilities and their own gameplay mechanics to master.

With Smash Ultimate, however, Nintendo is trying to create something entirely new, so we can expect three or four playable characters for each of the four characters.

The new characters will be based on a lot of the characters from Brawl, but they’ll have new gameplay modes like team deathmatch, and their levels will also be completely different.

It seems likely that the four new characters are: Falco (Wii U), Pikachu (WII U), Fox (Wimbledon), and Falco’s new character, Captain Falcon (Wischenstiel).

The new stage will also have a lot to do with the new gameplay mode, as it’s called “Skyworld,” which will be the first time that players can fight a boss in a Skyworld-style stage.

There will also probably be more characters than there were in Brawl, and Smash Ultimate seems like a pretty big game.

It will be announced on November 13 at 11am PT/1pm ET on the WiiU eShop.


What You Need to Know about the New Game In Smash Ultimate’s trailer, we saw a number more new characters, but this is probably the biggest tease.

The developers have already revealed a number characters from other series, and we already knew that there would be a new character from the Smash Bros.-exclusive Smash Bros: Ultimate roster, but now we know more about what Smash Ultimate may have in store.

Here’s what we know so far: Captain Falcon’s new “Fighter’s Club” ability allows him to throw opponents off of a ledge, and if they land on the stage, they can perform a quick aerial attack.

Captain Falcon can also throw opponents