Nor Cal Leaks

Leak Detection Santa Rosa CA

The Willson spill is now officially the biggest leak in U.S. history.

That’s according to the U.N.’s Joint Action Center, which says the leak was detected on Tuesday night.

The U.K.-based JAC released its preliminary analysis on the leak on Thursday morning, saying it was a “major spill of oil and gas products and infrastructure.”

The JAC said that the leak is still leaking, and it was not yet known how much oil is still in the wellhead, but the agency said it was at “maximum risk of catastrophic failure.”

It added that the “explosion could have catastrophic consequences for infrastructure and the surrounding community.”

The U,S.

Coast Guard is also reporting the leak.

The Coast Guard said that a helicopter from the U, S. Coast guard was on site to assess the situation.

The National Transportation Safety Board has also begun an investigation into the leak, and the Department of Homeland Security is providing emergency response assistance.

The U.A.E. said it would assist the U-S.

government in the investigation.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has asked the U and Canada to halt their joint oil and natural gas exploration plans.

The two countries have been planning to build a joint exploration platform at the North Sea’s Shetland Islands.

U.G. Premier Mark Rutte said on Thursday that it is “a huge mistake” to build the project.

The British government said it had not heard of any threats of a spill from the project, but it added that it would work with the U., U.Y. and Canada on the matter.

U.S.-based oil company Schlumberger is also investigating the spill.

Schlumberge is a major supplier of oil to the oil and oil sands industries.

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