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When it comes to leaks of water and oil, Pokemon is the most common culprit in the US, and the biggest threat.

The leak of oil in a leaky basement is the biggest cause of the damage, but other sources of oil-related leaks are the leak of a leak on the side of the road, or a leak in the basement.

While the leak on a street or sidewalk may not be as big of a deal as a leak of an oil tank, it’s still a huge concern when it comes the leak in a basement.

A report released by the Center for Biological Diversity on Wednesday, November 13, 2018, found that the oil leaks in the United States have caused the largest number of injuries and deaths.

The report found that between December 2016 and December 2018, there were 563 incidents of water or oil leaking from a basement or basement seal.

These water and/or oil leaks were the most frequent cause of serious injuries and the most severe cases of injury, according to the report.

The number of incidents was significantly higher in the South and Midwest, but not as high as the West.

The vast majority of the water and and oil leaks occurred in the West, which is the region that has the highest number of fatalities from the oil spill.

In addition, in a few states, there was more than one case of oil leaking.

“The vast majority (94 percent) of oil leaks involved oil from a seal that is in poor condition,” the report states.

“A few (9 percent) were caused by leaks from cracks and cracks in the seal.

In one (1 percent) case, the seal broke.

These leaks were not due to any oil leakage or oil-based seal defects.”

The report said that the number of deaths due to oil-linked injuries and fatalities in the U.S. was “significantly higher” in the North and Midwest.

It also said that there were more than 2,000 oil-connected deaths in the country during the first three months of 2018, a number that had not changed in at least a decade.

The Center for Bio Diversity’s report also found that “many oil-in-oil spills are not caused by a single cause.

Oil-related oil leaks have a range of causes, including water leakage from a leak, leaking oil from underground pipelines, and cracks or crevices in the waterproof seals of seal systems.”

The most common cause of oil leak is water.

The most serious oil-induced oil-safety problems involve oil from the seal on the outside of a pipe or tank, and water from leaking oil or water in a vehicle’s fuel tank, according the report from the Center.

Other leaks that are causing problems are oil from cracks or cracks in oil-containing seals, or leaking oil-filled tank seals.

The Center found that these leaks were also more common in the Southwest, where there were 774 oil-oil leaks in 2017.

Other oil-lubricant leaks that cause problems include leaks from water-filled tanks, leaks of seal-like devices on tank cars, and leaks from oil-pumped generators.

There were 5,079 water-oil leakage incidents and 3,946 oil-water leaks in 2016.

These figures do not include incidents that occurred during the same time period in other states, such as Alaska and New Mexico.

The largest number (3,947) of water-water leak incidents in 2017 was from a water-tank leak in California.

Other water-related water-fuel-oil incidents include leaking water from underground tanks or pumps, and oil-powered generators.

There were 579 water- oil-fuel leak incidents and 2,542 oil-power-fuel leakage incidents in 2016, according a report from The Center for Investigative Reporting.

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