Nor Cal Leaks

Leak Detection Santa Rosa CA

The exhaust manifold is one of the most complex components of a car.

If it leaks, you’re stuck with a mess of piping and fittings.

With a leaky exhaust, you have to replace a bunch of parts, and you’re likely to have to do it quickly.

But there are a few easy fixes that can make the exhaust system more responsive, more leak-free, and safer for the driver.

The first one is to put the exhaust under a hood.

The easiest way to do this is to get a hood that is the exact size of your car.

This will allow the exhaust to travel more easily through the hood, and help it fit better.

Another easy way is to cut out the exhaust vent from the bottom of the hood.

It will make it easier to get the hood under the car and out of the way.

You’ll also need to remove the entire top of the car, since it’s usually not the most convenient part of the exhaust pipe.

To clean the exhaust, use a rag or cotton swab.

If the leak is still there, you’ll need to clean the hood again with a rag, and then replace the whole exhaust system with a new one.

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