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The exhaust sound for the exhaust pump in the Ford Escape pickup is the most annoying in the car world.

You get a loud, annoying exhaust crack that is difficult to distinguish from the regular noise of the exhaust pipes, especially if you’re on a long highway trip.

In the Ford Fusion, though, the exhaust sound is completely muffled by the intake sound.

That’s the case with the Exhaust Sound Detectors that Ford is using on the Fusion.

Ford says it developed the exhaust-detectors because it noticed that the Fusion’s stock exhaust sound was too loud.

The problem with stock exhaust sounds is that they’re very low-end.

On a pickup, the low end is usually at around 10 decibels, which is what we’re used to hearing in cars.

“We wanted to solve this by making a product that has a more balanced and less obnoxious sound,” Ford said in a press release.

It’s not the first time Ford has tried to solve the problem with exhaust sound.

It introduced a speaker that’s designed to help reduce noise in cars by making the noise less prominent.

While Ford’s Exhaust-Sound Detectors are more than just noise reduction, they also help with the driver’s attention to detail, which they claim helps drivers focus more on their surroundings and less on their phones.

As an added bonus, Ford says the speakers have a “low frequency frequency response” that makes them ideal for drivers who have trouble focusing on the road.

What’s more, the Exceeds Ford’s goal of having the best driver’s experience.

This is a great opportunity to get to know the product and hear from people who know it best, Ford said.

More to come.

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