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A new ear popping fluid is helping restore hearing to some pets and humans who have lost their hearing, according to a study in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

The ear popping fluids, called E-plugs, were tested in the ears of three dogs and one human.

They were tested by using a nasal spray, which stimulates the central nervous system.

A test of the ear plucking fluid, a derivative of the E-Plugs that contains tiny particles, confirmed that the ear-plucking fluid had helped some dogs recover their hearing.

In the human trial, some people who had lost their ability to hear or hear in certain parts of their hearing regained hearing in about a week, according the study, which was published in the American Journal of Audiology.

“We’ve seen that it’s possible to restore hearing in dogs after ear plugs are removed, but there are still a lot of challenges to overcome,” said Dr. John J. O’Donnell, a professor of ophthalmology at the University of California, San Francisco.

“The question is, what’s the right way to do it?”

The researchers believe the ear plugs should be removed because they are too expensive.

But Dr. O ‘Donnell said it may be cheaper to use ear plugs that don’t have a central nervous response.

Ear plugs are used for the prevention of ear infections, and they work by preventing bacteria from growing in the ear canal.

One study showed that ear plugs in dogs were less effective than plugs in humans.

Dr. O , who co-authored the study with his wife, also said it’s not clear whether ear plugs cause permanent damage to the hearing in humans who use them.

For dogs, the ear plug is the only sound barrier that prevents bacteria from reaching the brain, Dr. J.O. said.

Some dogs have a hard time hearing, but others do not.

Some breeds, such as the Great Dane, have trouble hearing below the level of the cochlea, or inner ear, and cannot hear below 20 decibels.

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