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Posted June 06, 2018 15:47:00The way your network is wired is critical to how easily you can access the internet.

A leaky network can also cause serious problems in the future, as you have no control over what happens to the data it holds.

Here are some tips to protect your network:Use network access controllers that work on all interfaces and are available 24/7.

If your router is off, use a network access controller that is on, which can help prevent a loss of data.

Use a secure network to access your personal information, such as bank accounts, and to share sensitive data with your friends and family.

If your network connection is compromised, contact your local network equipment manufacturer or security company and have it repaired or replaced.

Be wary of security alerts on your network that claim the internet is down.

These often indicate a problem with a particular device or service.

A network outage can lead to an interruption of important services.

The good news is, your network has many safeguards built into it, including an automatic shut-off feature that will shut down all devices that use your network.

If you’re not sure, look for an “On” or “Off” icon in the bottom right corner of your network icon.

If the device is unplugged or you don’t have an internet connection, your computer or router may also be affected.

You can use these settings to make sure your network doesn’t have a leaky connection.

For more information about network security, see our Networking 101 video and our Security 101 article.

Read more about network management.

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