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When Apple announced the iPhone X in late May, it also confirmed the leaks.

While the leaks initially seemed to be about the phone’s aluminum body and dual cameras, there was a second leak that seemed to confirm a leaked OLED screen and a rear camera that was rumored to be a 5.7-inch screen.

The leaked OLED screens are reportedly on the back and the rear cameras are on the top.

If you’re wondering, Apple’s marketing department said in a tweet that the OLED screens were “not official.”

The leaked back and rear cameras were a big surprise.

But what else could you possibly expect from a phone with the leaks?

It’s no surprise that a lot of the rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 are about the camera and screen leaks.

A lot of iPhone rumors are about camera and the camera sensor.

So a lot.

But there were also a lot more leaks of the rear camera and OLED screens.

The new iPhone 8 has a new camera sensor and a new lens for the front of the phone, as well as a new OLED screen, all of which could make the new iPhone 9 and iPhone 10 look really cool.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most recent leaks.

New iPhone 8 iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are rumored to have a 13-megapixel camera and a 5-megapixels sensor.

The rear camera is rumored to come in two different sizes.

The top-left image shows the front-facing camera, the bottom-right image shows a front-side camera.

A new lens is rumored for the top of the device, and the bottom image shows what the rear of the iPhone 9 might look like.

The iPhone 9 The iPhone 8 looks to have an 18-megasonic camera on the front.

The front camera has a 5MP sensor, which is the same sensor found on the iPhone 7 Plus.

The back of the handset is rumored be a 3.5-inch 720p camera.

The camera has an 8MP sensor on the rear, which was used on the original iPhone 8.

A larger OLED screen is rumored, and there is also a new “edge-to-edge” sensor, an improved selfie camera, and a dual-LED flash on the bottom of the camera.

It will be interesting to see how the rear and front cameras will compare to the iPhone 10, which has a dual camera.

Apple has also confirmed that the iPhone will be a 64GB model, which means it will come in at around $300.

The bottom image above shows what it could look like when the rear screen is on the side of the front camera.

iPhone 10 The new front camera on iPhone 10 is rumored as having an 8 megapixel sensor, but there is no confirmation about the exact size of the sensor.

It looks to be 8MP in the top image above.

The device is rumored also to have new camera technology, which could allow the front and back cameras to be switched off at any time, and also include “two new OLED screens.”

The bottom images below show what it looks like when an OLED screen on the phone is turned off.

iPhone 9 iPhone 9 Plus The new rear camera on Apple’s next iPhone is rumored in the same leaked photos as the front one, but we haven’t heard anything about the new camera.

Instead, we’re speculating that it’s a 5 megapixel camera, as seen in the bottom images above.

There is also another new sensor, this one rumored to give the new iPhones “two distinct colors.”

The top image below shows the back of an iPhone 9.

The phone’s rear camera has the same 9MP sensor as the top photo.

There are also new front-firing speakers, and new colors for the iPhone’s back.

The sides of the new phones are rumored be covered in “superior aluminum.”

A new “Edge-to,Edge” camera is also rumored, which would allow the iPhone to focus in multiple ways, as opposed to just one way.

iPhone 11 The new camera on iPhones 11 will be the same as the one on the first iPhone.

There’s a new sensor that looks to offer “four times the sensitivity and dynamic range,” but it also seems to have some of the same problems.

The cameras in iPhone 11 have a new rear-facing LED flash.

There may also be a new front flash that is supposedly brighter than on the previous generation iPhones.

We’re specifying that the rear-mounted camera on this iPhone is “super-sensitive.”

A “Super-sensitive” front camera?


A front-mounted flash?


There might also be some new colors on the new cameras.

The side of this iPhone seems to be covered with “super high-density polystyrene,” which is another way to describe this iPhone’s aluminum design.

There also seems be a “Super High-density Polystyrene” back.

It’s unclear whether or not there is a new battery for this iPhone.

The battery on the