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The social media app company’s leaked test, which began last week and saw a total of 30 million snaps deleted, revealed some pretty alarming facts.

Leak testing is not a foolproof method, but it’s a method that is effective at uncovering what is potentially dangerous.

The test was conducted by a team of about 60 employees that included a lawyer, forensic experts and engineers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

When a Snapchat user posts a photo of oil or any other spill, the app sends a text message alerting the user to the post.

The text reads: “We’re sorry, but we can’t find a photo or video of this spill.

This happened.

It’s not possible to find it.

We’ve deleted the post, and it will be deleted soon.

Please do not post this on social media.”

When the user clicks the button that alerts them to the photo or the video, it tells the user: “That photo or this video was removed by Snapchat.

The content is now private.”

That’s a good thing, because the app has a feature called Snapbot, which can quickly scan Instagram and Twitter to remove posts that violate its rules.

Snapchat has said it only deletes content when the user has explicitly opted out.

It’s not clear what happened with the photos posted by the leaked test users.

The photos were deleted on May 18, but were shared by users who hadn’t opted out of the test.

Snapchat’s app, which allows users to send private messages, has been criticized by some as being overly intrusive.

It can take photos of you, then send you a message.

It then automatically deletes the photo, leaving behind only a short message.

But the leaked tests showed that Snapchat’s “Snapbot” feature can also delete content without prompting.

According to the test results, a Snapchat test user’s content was automatically deleted after a couple minutes, meaning the user couldn’t say anything about it.

The leak test has prompted a flurry of criticism from users, who have pointed out that the app’s removal mechanism isn’t nearly as intrusive as other social media apps.

For example, Snapchat’s removal feature allows users a “reply” button, which is not as intrusive.

A spokesperson for Snapchat told the Wall St. Journal that the company will continue to work to protect its users’ privacy.

It has said that it will never delete content that is shared by Snapchat users.

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