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Leak Detection Santa Rosa CA

A power steering fluid spill from a Power Steer unit at the center of the leaky unit is threatening to shut down the entire unit and force the owner to sell the car, a source close to the car dealership said.

The leaky Power Steerer unit is one of a number of issues at the dealership that has forced the dealership to sell its cars, the source said.

“It’s a very large spill, and we can’t fix it on our own,” the source close a source said of the leaks.

“It’s the first time we’ve seen a major leak like this at one of our dealerships.”

The leak of the Power Steers fluid came from a leaky seal in the power steering pump, the dealer source said, adding that the leak has been detected on other dealerships and at other dealers in the same chain of dealerships.

The source said the leak was caused by a leak in the seal on the power pump, and that the problem has been fixed.

“We are working to make sure this never happens again, and this leak is going to be addressed in the next few weeks,” the dealer said.

“I will not be able to sell this car at this point.”

The source also said that the dealership is working on repairs to the pump, but that they may not be completed until the end of April.

The leak is likely to cause more than $1,000 in damages, the dealership source said.

“If you are the owner, this is the best time to sell because you can now make a substantial payment,” the dealership said in a statement.

“If you do not want to sell, you can sell it as soon as you can get the repairs done.”

The dealership source also warned that the owners of the affected cars will be required to sell at least one other vehicle for repairs, because the owners are “the only ones who are likely to be able get a new one.”

“I would urge you to not take any chances,” the employee said of leaving your current car on the lot, adding, “I know there is a lot of stress in the community when it comes to a leak like that.”

This is not the first case of a Power steering unit leak at the company.

The dealership has reported more than one case of leaking Power Steerers over the past two years, and the source noted that the owner has not been able to get a replacement Power Steaker.

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