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Google News title Why it’s so hard to fix the roof in Canada article Google Search results for “Canada’s solar roof” return 1,973 results, including news reports and stories from The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and the Calgary Sun.

“Solar roofs are the biggest problem facing Canada,” said the Globe’s Matt Hinchcliffe.

“There’s a shortage of the material, the materials are expensive, and the roof has to be replaced.”

Hinchlock also reported on how a Canadian solar panel maker was able to evade regulators by shipping panels that were not on the list of approved products to a company in China.

It was a story he wrote about in an op-ed piece published in The Globe in April.

That article was quickly pulled from the web, and Google pulled the article from its news search results.

Hinchliffe’s piece, which has since been republished on a variety of news sites, prompted questions about the safety of solar panels, but the Globe has never said it was responsible for the removal of the story.

Google News has long been a source of controversy for the company.

In October, it reported that it had “adopted a policy” to “do more to prevent misinformation” from being spread on its search results, and to “re-engage with our community” by removing stories from its search engine if they appeared to be untrue.

The Globe has not commented on the matter.

Hintliffe said that when Google News pulled the story, the company also removed an article about the same solar panel issue from its News Feed, and that the article was restored as of April 10.

Google told Hinchcliff that the news feed changes are intended to “keep the story relevant to current news and issues” but also to provide a way for users to share their opinions.

“It’s a little bit surprising that the News Feed changes were not pulled earlier,” Hinchlord said.

“I guess that’s a fair response, given that the articles in question are still relevant to our readers and to the global conversation.”

In a statement to The Globe, Google said that while it had made changes to its NewsFeed in recent months to remove stories that appear to be false or misleading, it had not removed any stories about panels in Canada.

“We do not comment on specific stories in our News Feeds,” Google said.

The company has also said it “takes these issues seriously,” and is taking steps to “increase transparency and reduce the spread of misinformation.”

It also said that “the News Feed update is meant to help people find more relevant and relevant news to share with their friends and family.

It’s also an important way to communicate Google’s commitment to protecting the privacy of its users.”

The Globe’s Hinchloft also said he believes that “Canada is a good example” of a company that “is not always transparent and does not always follow best practices,” and that Google’s “corporate culture is really bad.”

He said that the Globe “can’t be blamed” for pulling the story from its list of recommended products because of a safety issue.

“If we had reported on a similar issue at home, it might have gone viral,” he said.

Google has been criticized for being too tight-lipped about the matter and not telling its users what the safety issue was, Hinchloe said.

A spokesperson for Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“In some cases, there is a lot of misinformation about solar panel safety,” said Hinchlio.

“People are scared of solar and are afraid to speak out about it, so it’s hard for them to understand what the actual issue is.”

Google’s actions could also affect the growth of other solar panels manufacturers.

A report from the International Energy Agency found that global solar panel sales have been falling for five years, which could make it harder for Canadian solar companies to keep up with demand.

It said the market has contracted by almost $3 billion in the past two years.

The IEA also said in its report that there were over 20 companies competing for the same market share in the U.S. And while solar panels are cheaper now than they were two years ago, solar panels still require investment in new equipment.

Google and other tech companies have been trying to address the cost of installing solar panels by selling them to consumers and businesses.

A recent study by the UBS Energy Institute estimated that a large portion of the $10 billion invested in solar panels over the past 10 years has gone toward capital costs for equipment that has yet to be installed.

The study also found that in 2015, solar manufacturers sold more than $20 billion worth of solar products, and in 2016, that number increased to $27 billion.

The industry also said recently that its cost of capital for new equipment has been falling, but that some companies are still struggling to get new equipment up and running quickly enough.

Google is one of the companies that has

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