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Water leaks in your house are one of the most common problems, according to a new study.

It found that more than half of homeowners surveyed had a water leak in their home, and the problem is getting worse.

The survey of more than 1,300 Australian homeowners found that about half had a leak in the house.

Most of the leak detected by the sensors is caused by a failure in the water treatment system, and most of the problems could be fixed with a simple install of a water sensor.

The majority of the homeowners surveyed said they had installed the water sensor in the past five years, with most saying it had never been a problem.

But many of the owners said they wanted a solution now that they were homeowners.

The Australian Institute of Water Technology (AIVT) has recommended that all home owners install a water-safety device in their homes, in an effort to reduce the risk of water leaks.

Water-safety devices are not the same as water valves, but they can detect a leak and keep water flowing by sending a signal to the system.

“It’s a device that can detect water leaks, that can send an alarm to the water supply, and that can provide a signal for the water source to stop,” AIVT chief executive and senior research fellow Chris Lillis said.

Lilli said it was not just a matter of water safety. “

That means there’s a lot more people doing it now.”

Lilli said it was not just a matter of water safety.

“There’s an increasing number of homes that are not using a water safety device, they’re not even installing the device,” he said.

The devices used by the AIVA have been tested and shown to work well, but Lillie said it wasn’t always easy to tell whether they were actually working.

“They’re more often than not installed incorrectly, or they’re incorrectly labelled as a water valve, and it’s hard to tell them apart,” he explained.

“What we’re trying to do is to get the best possible data for the devices we’re recommending and for the products that we’re actually recommending.”

In addition to the AIFT, other research group has been studying water leaks for about a year, looking at whether or not there is a correlation between a leak detection device and a reduction in water leakage.

Lillies said the data that the group was gathering now showed a positive correlation between the device and reduced water leakage, but it would be important to get more data from the research group to make sure it was valid.

The research group is currently conducting a trial to measure the effectiveness of the devices in reducing the risk for water leaks in homes.

It’s the first time in the Australian water system that a water device has been shown to have a positive effect on reducing water leakage in homes, Lillides said.

A water leak detection sensor is typically located at the bottom of a sink or tub, and can be connected to the plumbing system.

A sensor can be triggered by the water coming in or the water draining out of the pipes.

Lills said the water-protection device in the homes could help to prevent a leak.

“If the water is flowing, there’s nothing you can do about it, so if the water starts to flow out of a leak, you know there’s something there that needs to be cleaned up,” he told the ABC.

“And that’s why it’s important that you don’t just throw it away.”

The AIVB also conducted a study in 2016 which found that the use of a device for detecting water leaks reduced the number of water-related incidents in homes by 50 per cent.

It also found that water-safe devices have been used in water-treatment systems in some homes for at least five years.

The report is currently under review and the AAVT is currently studying water-risk management for water sensors in new homes.

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