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Posted September 15, 2018 12:15:59With the leak of the top-of-the-line Porsche 996 stack on the Porsche Carrera S, we now have some more information on what the leak means for the Porsche.

We have already reported that the Porsche is still in production, and this week the company confirmed that production will not be restarted until the end of the year, and that the 996 will only be available on the automaker’s website for now.

We do not yet know how long the leak will last, as the company did not give a timeframe for when production will resume.

It is unclear if the leak is related to the new turbocharger, the one that Porsche is using in the 911 Carrera RS, but Porsche is not the only company to be affected by this.

The leak of a turbochargers in the 991s stack has been reported by Autocar and Autocars, but the company is not currently in possession of the documents that shed light on what exactly is going on.

The Porsche 995 Turbo was reported to be undergoing a major overhaul in January, and we have also heard rumors that the turbochargors could be upgraded with some new components, but we have yet to see these details.

A source from the German automaker told Autoblog that the leak has not affected the car, as it is already running at 100 hp.

We also have heard that the car is currently undergoing some work to ensure that it can survive a leak.

This leak is a very important development for the Carrera, and it will hopefully lead to a much more refined car.

Porsche has also confirmed that it is working on a 997 Turbo that will be the successor to the Carrare, which could have been the first of its kind in the world.

Porsche is not yet available for sale on the official website, but you can check out the leak from the Porsche 911 Carrares page here

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