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A few weeks ago, we were shocked to see the leaks from the NFL, which revealed that the Washington Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers were among the teams that had leaked game footage of the Seattle Seahawks.

Now, the Washington Post reports that the leak came from the Seattle Times, a tabloid that is owned by the Times Co. The paper has confirmed the authenticity of the footage, and has also confirmed the existence of the leaked video.

This leak, though, comes after the paper revealed on Thursday that it had obtained some of the Seahawks game footage from the Seahawks.

The story also reveals that a number of former Seahawks have also been caught on video talking about a potential relocation to Los Angeles.

“If the Seattle Supersonics decide to leave the Metroplex and head to L.A., the Seattle media will be on the front page of every major newspaper in the country,” the story states.

The Seahawks and their fans have long been a sore spot in the Seahawks fandom.

In fact, the team had its own public relations disaster in 2017, when it released footage of its players and coaches, including kicker Luke Brice, making comments about moving the team to L.

“The team’s front office has also faced criticism for not releasing a comprehensive financial plan for the team that it was supposed to be working on before the Super Bowl.

Now that the leaks have come to light, we have to wonder whether this was an attempt to distract from the issues of the team’s financial situation.

And if the Seattle Sounders have also leaked video footage, we would expect to see even more footage from other teams, including the Chicago Fire, who were also rumored to be planning to move to Los Ligas.

This is a new level of media exposure for the Supersonic Seahawks.

This latest leak also comes after a leaked video surfaced in which an unidentified woman accused the team of being racist.

The woman was interviewed by TMZ Sports and alleged that the Seattle SuperSonics have a history of racial profiling.

She also claimed that players have to wear “sleeves that are a certain color” to prevent “being called a n*****.”

The woman has since apologized for her comments, and the Seattle Sonics have announced that they will be stepping up their efforts to address racial discrimination.

The NFL has since taken the video down, and a spokesperson told the Post that it is “under investigation for inappropriate content.”