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The Verge has learned that Microsoft’s next-generation Windows 8 TV hardware is going to get a bit of a bump in performance and compatibility with the upcoming new Xbox One S. We’ve been hearing about a significant bump in the frame rate and resolution of Microsoft’s new hardware, which will include a faster GPU, better HDR image compression, and a more powerful HDMI port.

Now we’ve learned that that bump will also come at the expense of a couple of other features.

One of the most interesting new features on the Xbox One X is the ability to record 4K video with the Xbox Pro, a feature that’s only going to make its way onto the Xbox 360 S and PS4 Pro.

The new Xbox 360 Pro also includes a new hardware API called XAVC, which allows the device to handle 4K content.

That new 4K tech allows Microsoft to record and display 4K videos in the background of a video, giving it a way to capture high-resolution footage of its games or other content.

While 4K recording and video output will be available on the new Xbox consoles, it’s likely that the Xbox 720 and Xbox 720S will have to go without the new technology for a while.

We already knew that Microsoft would be using a new version of the Xbox Kinect, and the Xbox S Pro’s new 3D camera is also expected to come with 4K support.

Microsoft also has a new “next-gen” feature called “Real Time HDR,” which allows content to be played on the display with the ability for the image to change colors based on the time it was captured.

These are just a few of the many new features Microsoft has been hinting at in its new Xbox announcements, but it’s a feature we know Microsoft will bring to the Xbox platform with the next Xbox One.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft is not yet officially announcing the Xbox NX or the Xbox Neo.

We’ll keep an eye out for further information on these two consoles as the announcement is made.

Source: The Verge