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Hacker News is hosting an article about the leaked endgame code of Nintendo Direct.

The article is available in multiple languages, and includes the following:1.

A list of the endgame codes that have been leaked (link).

This list is subject to change, as Nintendo has been testing endgame systems for the past few months.2.

A brief description of the leaked code (link)3.

A link to the leaked Nintendo Direct website (link), which has links to the code on the site.4.

A short explanation of how the leak works (link to the YouTube video of the code).5.

A screenshot of the “NTSC Endgame” menu screen, with the codes on it (link, to be shared with the community).6.

An image of the Nintendo Direct webpage with the code in the middle (link link).7.

An explanation of the leak process (link for video).8.

A video of a demo playing the leaked codes (link video link link link).9.

A detailed description of what the code does (link on Nintendo Direct page).10.

A listing of the codes in the leak, which is subject of changes and new leaks (link ).

Nintendo Direct is the company’s way of revealing a few key bits of information about upcoming games, like when they’ll launch, how many are coming out, and when they’re coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

These are known as “reveal dates,” and each one of them is subject in the end to change in a few weeks.

The leaked codes are all on the same list.

As the article explains, the codes are being tested for release on Nintendo 3ds, which could come as soon as January 14th.

It doesn’t say how long the code will be available for, but we can assume it’ll be around two weeks.