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Engine oil leaks can cause a wide variety of issues.

From engine problems to engine wear and tear, oil leaks are one of the most common safety concerns in the automotive industry.

Here are the steps you can take to prevent engine oil leaks:Check your oil level before every trip.

Before you leave home, check your engine oil level to ensure it’s not high.

Check the oil level every 30 minutes and if the oil is leaking, stop driving and start using the air filter or turn off the engine.

Check the engine oil pressure in the tank every 30 seconds.

This will show the oil pressure as well as any engine oil that has leaked.

Check your battery level before you leave the house.

The battery can lose battery charge and can be a cause for an engine oil problem.

Make sure you’re wearing the proper protective gear when you leave your house, and that you are not driving too hard, because if your engine is leaking it could cause a crash.

If your battery is low, you can also try running your engine at low speed.