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Oil companies have made some big decisions this year, but they’ve also made some mistakes.

That’s according to a new report by a prominent petroleum engineer, who is warning that the companies’ decisions could have far-reaching impacts on the oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas companies are taking the same approach to fixing leaks as they did in the 1970s and ’80s, when they didn’t take as much responsibility for them, said Andrew S. Tulloch, the author of “Gas Leaks: How to Fix Them and How to Protect the Environment.”

Now, they’re going through the same process, he said.

They’re trying to make sure they get the leaks out as quickly as possible.””

They’re just throwing all of the resources into the process.

They’re trying to make sure they get the leaks out as quickly as possible.”

Tulloch’s report, which he co-authored with Michael E. Sperling, a professor of petroleum engineering at Rice University, lays out five main mistakes that the industry has made this year:Mistakenly declaring the gas leak a “treatable” leak and putting a $10,000 price tag on itWhen a leak is declared a treatable leak, the companies say they’re looking for a fix.

But Tulloches report found that when the companies declare the gas is a treat-able leak they’re putting a price tag of $10 and a 10 percent margin on the cost of repairs.

That puts the cost at about $8 billion.

The companies also put the cost on repairs that might have been done at the same price, such as replacing a pipe that may have leaked or replacing a pump that might leak.

In the end, the report says, they only spent $3.8 billion on repairs, which is less than the $4.4 billion they spent on repairs.

Mistaken decision about how to fix a leakWhile the companies are trying to fix leaks that are already in their pipelines, the costs of repairing them are far higher.

For example, the cost to fix the leak in a gas line could run up to $10 million, and a $2.6 billion gas pipeline would require about $5.7 billion in repairs.

Tulloche’s report found a third of the time the companies failed to understand that their repair costs were far higher than the cost they could actually recoup.

For example, when the oil company that supplies the pipeline discovered a leak, it initially put the repair costs on top of the cost.

But the company later said it didn’t know how much repair the leak cost because it wasn’t part of the pipeline’s infrastructure.

In other words, the company underestimated the repair cost, Tulloche wrote.

Then, the gas company decided it didn.

The gas company then told the oil companies it could recoup the repair by deducting the cost from the cost for the pipeline.

Tihon wrote that this practice created a perverse incentive for companies to repair leaks.

Till the oil, gas and mining companies realized this problem in late April, Tihons report said.

By then, Tilsons report showed, the oil industry had already begun repairing leaks.

The cost of fixing leaks is much higher than anticipated, Tilios report said, which means the companies were not taking into account the costs they would actually have to pay for repairs.

And Tilsos report found companies have continued to put more and more pressure on oil companies to find a fix faster than they were required to.

The report found one company has been using the new, stricter rules to slow down repair.

Oilfield services company Transocean is now required to notify the companies of any potential leak within a week of the discovery.

In some cases, the notification has taken weeks.

Tilos found that the oil majors are also using the rules to delay repair.

For instance, the National Association of Realtors has been pushing companies to wait until the gas line leaks are repaired before issuing repairs.

But oil companies have been using that delay as a way to make their repairs easier, Tilos said.

A company may be more concerned about fixing leaks that have already been discovered, Tiltons report found.

“If you know that the leak is not going to leak, you should stop it from being a problem, and if you know you have to repair it, you can’t fix it,” Tiltoch said.

In his report, Tiwos said the industry’s inability to prioritize repair, which was highlighted in the oil spill investigation last year, could mean it will not be able to repair all leaks until the damage is repaired.

Tiwos’ report found the oil leaks are causing more damage than anticipated to the environment.

In particular, he found the leak damage is causing more harm to the ozone layer, which protects the environment from harmful UV rays

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