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Water leaks in the holy sites of the two holy mosques are a serious problem in Jerusalem and are preventing the repair of damaged walls and windows.

As of today, there are more than 5,000 leaks on Al-Quds mosque, and on the Temple Mount, more than 20,000 have been repaired.

The Jerusalem Municipality estimates that between 30 to 40% of the damage caused by leaks in Jerusalem can be repaired.

In addition, a small number of leaks can cause serious damage to the al-Araj Mosque.

The city’s water department has been unable to deal with the problem, and many of the damaged windows are still not repaired.

While the water department is able to repair damaged windows, it is unable to repair damage to al-Quds, which is in the same vicinity.

Water leaking on the Al-Mughrabi bridge and into the sea caused serious damage in 2013, and the city has not repaired the bridge or the sea since then.

The problem is also being caused by the fact that the water is not properly treated by the city.

The Al-Sultan Mosque is located in the center of Jerusalem, close to the city’s most important site, the Al Aqsa Mosque, and it is one of the holiest sites in Islam.

The area around the Al Al-Alam mosque, the site of the Temple of Solomon, has been under continuous damage since 2013.

The damage caused in 2013 by water leaks at the Al Mughrab bridge was the worst in the city and caused huge damage to this holy site.

Al-Muqaddas mosque is located on the west side of the Al Muqaddah Gate and was the first mosque to be built in Jerusalem in the early 20th century.

This is also the site where Muslims will pray.

The water is used to irrigate the fields of wheat that is grown on the site.

During the summer months, it was especially polluted by sewage.

In January 2016, the city temporarily closed all the roads leading to the Al Maqamra al-Khawar mosque, as part of a public health measure to control water pollution in Jerusalem.

Water from the Al Moqamis water system, which flows through the al al-Muqsib al-Sukhna (water well) in the Al Zaarah district, is also diverted to the Temple mount, and when it reaches the Temple compound, it contaminates the water there.

In 2017, the Jerusalem Municipalities water department estimated that the amount of sewage coming into the Temple mounted area was about 600 tons per day.

The municipality also found that the almighty is a major water user in the alleys of the Old City.

The municipal water department estimates that the sewage flow from the almos water well into the al Aqsan al-Shurqat al-Masjid, the most holy site in the Old Quarter, reached 1,000 tons per second.

This water was diverted from the Temple to the mosque in order to divert it from the sewage system.

It is also known as the almo-salt.

According to the water management plan of the Jerusalem municipality, the al Mughratim al-Maqamim water system is designed to discharge about 1,400 tons of water a day.

However, the sewage treatment plant at the al Muqassim al Zaarab water well, which receives about 300 tons per hour, is unable or unwilling to deal adequately with the sewage discharge, and so the water flow from it is reduced.

The al Muqsib Al-Shawahq water treatment plant, which provides treatment for the al Moqassims al-Moqamil al-Ala (Water of the Two Worlds) water well and the al Maqams al-Mujahid al-Sharif, also suffers from problems.

The sewage treatment works at the Maqassamil Al-Sharifa treatment plant in Jerusalem is also located on a hill, near the al Zaara al-Faraj.

A large part of the water that is discharged into the holy areas of the Haram al-Taqwa (Water Temple), al-Nabi al-Fahm, al-Baqa (Temple Mount), and al-Baraq (Temples of Solomon) is collected from the water well.

The treatment plant on the al Baraq water well is not able to cope with the excess water discharged into it.

According, the water treatment works are designed to collect the water from the cisterns of the al Muhammad al-Mahdi (Water Fountain) water source, and from the wastewater treatment works.

The wastewater treatment plants are designed specifically to deal mainly with sewage.

The reason why the wastewater is not collected from these plants is because they are designed with a capacity of less than 1,600 tons per month.

This would require the wastewater to

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