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Lucas Oil CEO Jason Lucas announced Thursday that the company has been on a 100 percent clean-up schedule for the last six months.

The company is working with a network of partners to improve the reliability of its pipeline network, he said.

Lucas said the company will also focus on improving its fuel efficiency in the pipeline.

Lucas said the timeline is consistent with the goals that Lucas laid out in October when he took over the company.

In October, Lucas announced a new goal: to reduce the number of leaks by 90 percent by 2020.

He also said the goal is to reduce carbon emissions by at least 25 percent by the end of the decade.

He told The Associated Press that the goal was to reach the target within five years.

Lucis Oil CEO Lucas Lucas said Thursday the company is now focused on its pipeline system and is working to improve reliability of the system.

“We are in the process of rebuilding and updating our pipeline network,” Lucas said in a statement.

Lucas Oil said in October that it had been on the cleanup list for more than a year.

Lucaei said the pipeline system has been cleaned up, but it’s not clear how long the pipeline will be fully operational.

“The system will be cleaned up over the next few months and then the company can work with its pipeline suppliers to ensure it’s able to supply the market,” Lucas told the AP.

The pipeline system is now a full-fledged maintenance company, Lucas said.

The plan is to restart the pipeline when it’s 100 percent inoperable.

The pipeline was shut down in March 2016 when a leak was discovered.

Lucas told investors in March that Lucas Oil was in the final stages of the repairs and the company was confident that its pipeline could resume running.

But Lucas said it was too early to tell how long that process would take.

Luca said the repairs were “a major milestone in our turnaround plan” and that he and the team at Lucas Oil were “working diligently to return to a level of quality that we can sustain.”